Do you have business overheads to pay? – You need Business Expenses Cover.

Business Overheads Cover is a business expenses insurance that covers the regular fixed operating expenses of your business if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

It has been specifically designed for self-employed people.

The business expenses covered by Business Overheads Cover are:

  • Rent
  • interest payments under a mortgage that is business related
  • property rates and taxes
  • electricity, telephone and other utility expenses
  • cleaning and laundry
  • remuneration and associated costs of non-income generating employees
  • interest repayments under a loan for the purpose of the business
  • leasing costs of equipment or motor vehicles
  • business insurance premiums
  • accountancy fees
  • subscriptions to professional associations
  • the reasonable book value of the depreciation of plant and equipment

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