Home and Car Insurance

Home & Contents Insurance

Every household has different needs when it comes to Home & Contents Insurance and we are here to offer you advice in any situation.

We have policies to cover a broad range of unexpected events and various levels of cover- whether it be for an investor property, contents in a single unit or home and contents cover for a prestige property – we offer a range of products and advice.

In insuring your home and contents we ask that you consider “Under insurance” and the impact it would have on your family if you were under-insured and suffered from a substantial loss. In insuring your home and contents you should consider that you need to insure as if you had to replace it all right now, at todays costs, as your cover is “New for Old”. It’s easy to overlook contents items when you are calculating your sum insured, so if you need some help there is a calculator available for contents here http://info.gio.com.au/resilium/contents_form.asp and a calculator to help you with the replacement cost of your home here http://info.gio.com.au/resilium/home_comp_form.asp.

Car Insurance

We can arrange a number of different types of car insurance so that you can chose the level of cover that suits your needs and your vehicle. We have access to specialist cover for prestige vehicles as well as policies that will cover Third Party Property Damage and full Comprehensive Cover.

Contact us today to arrange a competitive quote with professional advice.