Is your income important to you? – So is Income Protection Insurance.

Like most of us, you probably succumb to the odd day off now and again for minor ailments. But what if a more severe sickness or injury prevented you from earning an income for a longer period of time – weeks, months or even years?

How would you keep up your mortgage payments, school fees, running the car, credit cards, everyday living expenses, such as food, clothing, phone bills etc.? Not to mention medical expenses that your health fund simply does not cover?

Income Protection Insurance is not something that you think about when you head off to work each day or go for that weekend drive or overseas holiday. You insure your home and car without a second thought. You always organise the travel insurance. You also need to cover your greatest asset, your ability to earn an income.

Income Protection Insurance is the first step in securing your lifestyle if something does go wrong. We source income protection policies from major insurance companies to give you the most appropriate insurance available.

When things go wrong due to illness or accident, your insurance will keep your income coming in. Income insurance is worth considering for all working people.

It can replace up to 75% of your gross revenue when you need it most, when you are ill or injured and unable to work and will keep a regular income coming in while you recuperate and concentrate on getting well again. The length of time you receive your payments will depend on the contract term you choose. A policy can pay you for up to 2 years, 5 years or to age 65.

If you are young, single, older, married and reliant on a regular income, if you have debts, a home loan, car payments to make, school fees and regular bills to pay, Income Protection Insurance could be the most important form of insurance you will ever use and in most cases it is also tax deductible. Income Protection Insurance is designed to keep income coming in, month after month, year after year on a regular basis whilst you are ill or injured.

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